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Does Your Gym Style affect Performance?

Short answer .... Yes!
You dress for success in the work place why not in the gym?
Don't feel guilty buying those printed leggings or cute top it's cash well invested.
  Here's  two reasons why.
* They give you a boost mentally and up your confidence.
When you wear fun and cute workout gear you feel more fun and happier. Research shows that you are more inclined to be more active and confident in your abilities. Which is proven to boost your focus, motivation and gains. That's a positive...right? Who doesn't want to be more fit, more focused, and have more gains and see more results?
**Improve Performance.
What you wear for your workout may give you the mental boost needed to push you through a tough workout. When you put on a new dress for work you feel like a million bucks, same goes for new fitness wear. As a result you have a better performance and are more mentally prepared for the task. You gain a certain positive edge.
 So don't underestimate the power of a great pair of leggings and sassy top.



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