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The Perfect Outfit For Your Favorite Workout Class

From strength training to cardio, barre, yoga, and more it can get confusing when picking out the perfect outfit to wear and what class to wear it to. Different workouts call for different clothes. Don't sweat it, we are here to help you pick the best outfit to wear to your next yoga, Hiit, or spin class! 


Yoga is by far the most popular form of exercise in the United States. If warrior pose and downward dog is your go to exercise you need form fitting clothes that won’t interfere or distract from your movement.

High waisted leggings are our top choice when heading into yoga. They offer a high level of compression which will hold you in and keep you secure and tight throughout your yoga class. A secure high waisted legging allows for full focus on your yoga practice, without messing with loose clothing. You also won't have to worry about waist slips when bending and stretching!

In addition to high waisted leggings, we love a long yoga pant as well. Some yoga pants are made with a longer leg to pull over your heels. The purpose of this is to help with slippages on the mat. And yes, it is perfect for slipping, but we also love this feature to keep your feet nice and warm! These longer style leggings are also ideal for barre classes! 

What better to pair with high waisted leggings than a crop top? A crop top is ideal for yoga. It is less restrictive and comfortable and can be worn outside the studio as well. Basically, yoga is the ultimate opportunity to pull out a cute matching set

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This is a Win Win kind of workout. High-intensity interval training is quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods keeping the heart rate up which is the win win…it burns more fat in less time!

HIIT is pretty intense and sweaty, so you want clothes that will move with you and keep you supported.

Ideal outfits for HIIT all come down to the fabric! The key here is to look for stretch fabrics that move with you. You also want moisture, quick wicking fabrics that will absorb sweat throughout the workout and also offer high compression for support. 

Our top outfit picks for HIIT are hands down our collection from Nux ActiveNux offers seamless compression leggings and sports bras all made with the finest fabrics for those extra sweaty, intense workouts! 

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Spin Class

Spin Class... My Favorite! As a certified spin instructor I know that frantic pedaling and loud music can be a bit intimidating to some. But try this once and you will be hooked.

"What do I wear to a spin class?" is a question I hear ALL the time. My answer is simple. The key here is to keep your clothes light and breathable.

Moisture wicking capri leggings and fitted shorts are great. Stay away from long pants and any loose clothing! Mesh panels in bottoms and tops allow for extra ventilation which is very necessary when you are deep into class and in full on workout mode. 

When looking for what to wear on top, we recommend you keep it lightweight as well. Lightweight tops, tanks and medium support sports bras are the best options for staying cool while working up a sweat. 

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After a spin class, you are guaranteed to be drenched in sweat. In fact, I have never left a spin class with dry clothes. There is no way around it and this is a good thing because it means you rocked the workout! For this reason, I recommend bringing a pullover or sweatshirt after class. No need to be freezing on the trip home! 

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What is your favorite workout class? Tell us in the comments below! 



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